All figuers and shows are created and built by me.
Mostly it begins with an image, an object or construction, which forms a fysical challance for me.
An ongoing proces of tryal and error teaches me the (theatrical) possibilities of the object and my self and inspires me to a story or theme. And also the object is growing.
Generally in cooperation with a director the story or theme will be developped.

A producion will be finished after being performed a few times; improvisation and contact with the audience are an essential characteristic of the shows.
One performance is never the same as an other; I challenge the audience to react, to have an impact on the show, on which I react (without losing control!)
Surely adults sometimes have to overwin ther reluctance, from chidren however I often receive “theatrical” presents. It’s very nice to perform for them.
Thus the production grows on and remains interesting to play for me.

Bisides the creation of huge attention attracing, ingenious objects, the last few years I more and more concentrate on content. A streetperformance with a lot of improvisation doesn’t only need to be funny (though a condition), but may have content as well! It may appael to other emotions than humor!

Themes in my shows are: compassion, falling in love, fear, heroism, challance, freedom, life and death, education (sometimes)

Frank Agricola

Some facts:

  • I was born in Zeist, Holland, 1959
  • Studied social pedagogics at the university of Utrecht, Holland
  • Took several courses in theater, dans, improvisation and clowning
  • Visited the circus school in Arnhem, Holland
  • Had traing in acrobatics for 10 years
  • Teached drama and music at mentally deprived
  • Gave trainings and workshops clowning, acrobatics and other circus techniques, and theatre sport
  • Play saxophono, flute and guitar
  • Since my 6th an enthousiastic inventor
  • Performed in: The Netherlands , Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ostria, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, England, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.